These recipes come from a lot of different places, but there are a few sources I go back to again and again. Feel free to run out and buy any of these and you won’t be disappointed, they’re all full of good recipes, great tips, and just general info that you’ll always wanna have in your back pocket.

So, here they are:

  1. The Essential Bar Book – a good place to start, full of easy-to-follow recipes that don’t call for too many outlandish ingredients.
  2. The New International Bartender’s Guide – THE bible for drinks, over 300 recipes that date back to at least the early 20th Century, all the classics are in here. They’re a little rudimentary, but they’re reliable.
  3. Experimental Cocktail Club – a beautiful book full of beautiful recipes. If you haven’t had the chance to visit one of their locations (Paris, London, New York, Ibiza, probably more by the time you read this) then this is the next best thing. They rely on some pretty unconventional ingredients and mixes, but they make all the difference.
  4. GQ Drinks – this was the book that turned me on to drinks – before this I’d been a rum and coke and the occasional vodka martini kind of guy, but this changed all that. Beautiful photographs, fairly simple recipes, and delicious results.
  5. Mondo Cocktail – there are only 12 recipes in this book, but each one is exhaustively-researched and cleverly-written. Christine Sismondo is a goddess who makes you want to try each and every one, focusing on the fresh ingredients and the memories of Hemingway, Gatsby, and all the other great drinkers.
  6. The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails – another treasure trove of recipes and background information.
  7. Paris Cocktails – not the greatest source of recipes and information, but come on, it’s Paris. Who knew there was such a market for French whisky?
  8. True Tequila Character – if you ever wanted to know everything there is to know about tequila, here it is. This book is beautiful and imaginative and in a lot of ways very back to basics, focusing on traditional Mexican drinks. Very very nice.


So there it is – the recipes here come from a lot of places, including the ones above, but if you pick up any of these books you won’t be disappointed.